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About Kolekto

Tiny, precious, lasting works of art. That’s what we consider jewelry to be: a small piece of the world that belongs to you. A sparkly little reminder while you’re getting ready in the morning — a special gift to yourself after a big accomplishment, a person you love, a day out with your closest friends — of who you are. At Kolekto, we share the jewelry that we’ve discovered around the world, curating small, one-of-a-kind batches from international jewelry crafters — so that you can find a piece that’s uniquely yours. 

Everything you’ll find here is a sophisticated, artisan-quality piece — but always a little playful, because that’s how personal jewelry should be. Kolekto brings you fine jewelry with a new perspective: refined and down to earth, from unique designers that may have yet to be discovered in San Francisco. 

 Our desire to create a place to share our favorite international designers is even where we got our name — Kolekto means “collection” in Esperanto, a language designed to bring many different cultures together.