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Collection: Happa Stand

Happa Stand blends the Japanese traditional concepts of tea and vessels with a chic and modern lifestyle.

The name originates from the Japanese word “Happa” meaning leaves, with the hope of promoting nature and environmental awareness. Also, the word “Happa” simply has a happy vibe and could be written as “88”. The number 8 has been long known for fortune and good luck both in the Eastern and Western cultures. 

Happa Stand’s flagship store is located in Mino city of Gifu Prefecture, known for the preservation of ancient Japanese cityscapes. The store used to be an old residence that was built more than 150 years ago. It has been renovated, but beams and pillars were left from the original construction. 

Happa Stand suggests the “Iki” lifestyle, which is the Japanese version of chicness through their products and store.

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